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Meet DCI Charlotte Walker...
A sassy, smart, shrewd, sexy, sarcastic and strong redhead - that’s DCI Charlotte Walker.

Fearless and feisty; confident and creative; with a knack for a performance,
a fantastic analytical mind and adept at using all her feminine charms to devastating effect, Charlotte is the detective you want on your case - unless you are a criminal.

And Walker by name; walker by nature. Charlotte’s big passion is walking -
and now she’s a detective in the new National Special Operations Unit within the Police,
she travels around the country investigating crimes that need that special touch
and walking with her border collie, Bronte, in her less-than-reliable campervan.

Whether it’s a death in Drumnadrochit, an art theft in Abingdon
or a missing person in Macclesfield -
where there’s a mystery, DCI Charlotte Walker is ready to solve it.
Charlotte's Photo Album
Get to know more about Charlotte Walker from her Photo Album...
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