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Andrew White
Writer & Creator of The Walker Mysteries
A lifelong walker with 6 border collies, Andrew is the presenter and producer of the TV series "Walks Around Britain", and is the creator and writer of the mystery/crime series "The Walker Mysteries"; with the first book in the series released in February 2022.

He also writes regularly for magazines such as BBC Countryfile, RAIL, BRITAIN, Camping and Dogs Monthly, as well as appearing frequently on BBC Radio talking about walking.

Andrew is a passionate Yorkshireman, and has devised a two route long-distance trail around and through his home county - called the South Yorkshire Way.

As with all most ideas, “The Walker Mysteries” came to Andrew whilst he was walking his dogs one weekend...
Sally Swift
The voice of Charlotte (and the rest of The Walker Mysteries)
Sally’s talents as a voice artist started when she was very young, always speaking in different accents and character voices with her family. At the age of 5, she was uttering the immortal line of Queen Victoria, “We are not amused” - much to the amusement of her brothers and sisters, who still laugh about it to this day.

Her creative career started in her other passion of Photography, as first the staff photographer and then Picture Editor for her local newspaper. Moving to the freelance world, she concentrated on commercial, portrait, social and PR photography, and now she produces nature and scenery photography, which she sells on a local basis.

When Sally went into teaching a decade ago, she realised her vocal skills could enhance storytelling to young children by adding unique voices and accents, to help differentiate between characters and provide an engaging experience.

Sally’s diverse vocal range and almost limitless repertoire has made her an in demand voice artist, producing countless audiobooks and voicing podcast dramas, animations and real time museum art installations.
Citing the classic series Jackanory as an inspiration - with the likes of Rik Mayall, Bernard Cribbins and Kenneth Williams making stories come alive - Sally’s mission is to enhance the essence of each story through her remarkable range of voices.

Sally is also a writer of children’s books, with her first series of titles due for release later in 2023.

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(Although, like DCI Charlotte Walker, we prefer tea...)
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