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About "The Walker Mysteries"
"The Walker Mysteries" started out as an idea from the writer and presenter Andrew White in April 2021.  His idea was to have a young female detective who loved walking and who had a dog as a constant companion.  A month later, DCI Charlotte Walker was created - along with her border collie Bronte - and with some further intense development, Andrew had devised Charlotte's world, including her family and friends.

As Andrew had originally devised the series for television, he spent the spring of 2021 plotting as many stories for episodes as he could, to prove to commissioners the series had the potential to run for a long time - the holy grail for tv series.  With the outlines for 100 stories planned out, across 10 seasons, Andrew started to write scripts in the summer of 2021.

After starting with a few episodes in season one (and some in seasons two and three), he started writing the first episode - which is a standard way for writers to develop a stronger link to the characters they've created.  That first episode was completed in October 2021, when Andrew decided to adapt it for his first novel - and so "The Walker Mysteries" as a book series was conceved.

Published by Nova Books, the first story "A New World" was released in February 2022, and Andrew has committed to writing at least four more stories, all from the 100 outlines he originally planned for the TV series.

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